Oh how the year has flown by! With 2019 literally around the corner, comes the opportunity to set a fresh perspective and realign your visions both personally and professionally. New Year’s resolutions can be tricky to maintain throughout the year but it’s always nice to reflect on the ones you set for yourself at the onset of the year. There’s always room for improvement and unlimited opportunities are ready to be experienced.

We’d like to share some of the personal goals our team hopes to achieve; may they inspire some of your new year’s resolutions!

Lisa O’Neill, principal, in Mexico City

I am a travel-nut and am always on the lookout for an opportunity to explore new places. We traveled to Mexico City in 2018 and I hope to return in 2019 since it’s such an easy getaway. In 2019, I want to try something new, whether it’s a new workout activity, a cooking class or learning to play the violin. Lastly, I aim to increase kindness in all of my interactions. 


Alexia Zamora, account manager, in Fredericksburg, TX

I want to focus on living a happy and healthy life by committing to working out at least one-two times per week, not being afraid to enjoy not-so-good foods every now and then and making time to focus on important relationships. I also want to read more books and spend more time offline. 


Emily Ergas, account manager, in Bogotá, Colombia

I would like to get back into the habit of regularly exercising, practice my French, and watch more foreign films. I made a promise to myself that I would take a Girls’ Trip to Greece, and I hope to fulfill that commitment this coming year!


Nancy Gonzalez, Fall 2018 Intern

I would like to travel as much as possible throughout the year and attend as many festivals and shows as I (and my wallet) can handle. In my free time, I’d like to start reading more and learn the basics of sign language. 


Madison Lammert, Fall 2018 Intern, at 360 Overlook in Austin

Austin is so diverse in workout styles that are offered throughout the city. I would like to try more workout classes and explore the options that are out there. I’d love to try at least one new class a month!


Fernanda Armendariz, Fall 2018 Intern

Technology can be draining to the mind. I want to spend more time being outside and enjoying nature, straying away from excessively using technology.

Remember, it’s okay to get a bit sidetracked while trying to reach your goals, but it’s important to continue to work on them. It’s never too late to change the course of your path. We’ve all accomplished so much and are so excited for what’s ahead.

We wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with family, friends and fresh starts!