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What We Bring To The Table

There’s an overload of news and information delivered 24/7 through devices large and small from laptops to smart phones and movie screens to watches. Breakaway PR can help you cut through the clutter to provide relevant messages to your target audience at the right time and place.

Whether you’re a startup, a social impact organization, or an established business ready to rise to the next level, we are experts in telling your story in a range of smart, creative ways with measurable results.

Public Relations Strategy and Execution

This is our working road map, also known as your PR plan. We’ll lay out the big-picture communications goals with a PR strategy to help achieve them. The strategy ensures we’re all working from the same page, yet is adaptable to respond to shifts in your business and the broader business landscape.

Media Relations Campaigns

Also known as “Earned Media.” We are pros at getting the right news to the right media outlets at the right time in a professional manner. Breakaway knows where your stories and news items will resonate within an ever-changing media landscape and ultimately reach your target audience. With Breakaway, you can be confident your news is being strategically disseminated to produce the most impact.

Influencer Relations

Our influencer marketing initiatives involve conducting extensive research, evaluating, and cultivating relationships with top-performing influencers within your industry to elevate your brand. Our objective is to identify influencers who share similar values and messaging with your brand, resulting in the most genuine and effective outcomes.

Community Relations

Breakaway has long been a champion of doing well by doing good. As members of our community, every business has a responsibility to contribute by allocating time, talent and/or financial resources annually. At Breakaway, we help you identify the most suitable community partners and/or leverage your existing partnerships for mutually beneficial outcomes.

Social Media Management

Social media is essential for your brand to build and maintain an online presence. At Breakaway, we can assist you in organic content creation, scheduling, publishing, and monitoring your content. We help you build brand awareness, increase engagement, and drive traffic to your website or other intended platforms. We will adopt a personalized social media strategy aligning with your firm’s goals, target audience, and brand identity. 

Event Promotion

Breakaway’s event promotion initiatives help increase awareness and generate interest, ultimately leading to higher event turnout and engagement. From earned media coverage to media sponsorships and social media promotions, we help clients build and execute upon a plan that reaches target audiences, builds buzz and attendance.

Media Training

We’ll help you pinpoint your organization’s media spokesperson and train him or her to be well prepared to not only speak to the media, but confidently handle any surprise questions or scenarios. Our training covers interviews by phone, email and live or taped TV or podcast.