Our second attempt at vlogging revealed my long overdue need to replace our home internet provider in order to get higher speed. The original cut of this vlog with friend and New Orleans-based journalist, Melanie Warner Spencer, turned out as a one-sided flop. The flop was entirely on my end with blurry video and the occasional freeze. With a one-sided re-do and editing help, we were able to piece together a far-from-perfect, yet informative and, sometimes, humorous vlog. Imperfections can be beautiful, right?

I thank my new video editor friend, Villy, and the wonderful Melanie, editor of New Orleans Homes & LifestylesLouisiana Life and a number of regional New Orleans-area publications, for their help in creating this piece where we discuss how lifestyle media are coping and conquering in a new, COVID-created workplace. Let us know what you think at assist@breakaway-pr.com. Enjoy!