Instagram is a great tool to learn more about interests and passions, from food to wellness to fashion and more. Breakaway often works with social media influencers to create content for our clients, especially those in tourism, retail, and arts/architecture. 

At Breakaway, we care about learning how to live a sustainable lifestyle. We also work closely with clients in the travel and tourism industry. Although sometimes the two contradict, it is possible to combine sustainability and travel with the proper intent. Traveling itself is not inherently sustainable – airplanes and gasoline-based cars are two major contributors to environmental damage. However, travel broadens one’s perspective on the world and creates wonderful, lasting memories. Not to mention, many local economies rely on tourism, therefore, it contributes to economic sustainability. 

Living a sustainable lifestyle means incorporating the practice into all aspects of our lives, including travel. We’re learning how to do this better each day. So, I want to share some of our favorite Instagram influencers who help us become more responsible, sustainable-minded travelers.


Green Shoestring Travel – Eco & Ethical Travel

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Our favorite #ecofriendly activity is always a good bicycle ride. Naturally we were psyched to learn Gem River Edge offers a beautiful bike ride through the village. Muna put together a wonderful route for us that wound through quaint village streets, around rice paddies and up to a lake. We saw tons of beautiful birds, including more peacocks than we could count and even (gasp 😱) a crocodile! Best of all we were greeted with a wave and a smile by everyone we passed ☺️ . It’s the perfect activity for the late afternoon, once the heat of the day has passed. . Thanks again @gemriveredge for the amazing adventure! 🚲 . . . . . . #yala #yalanationalpark #srilanka #srilankaecotourism #travelgems #TravelStoke #passionpassport #worlderlust #Travelwithme #followmefaraway #travellingthroughtheworld #WeLiveToExplore #wanderful_places #wanderfullife #mytinyatlas #mytraveldiary #travelersnotebook #TravelTips #sustainability #ecoblogger #sustainabletravel #sustainabletraveler #mindfultravel #slowtravel #supportlocal #ecotourism #responsibletravel #sustainabletourism

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Sam and Ashley started their travel journey when they quit their jobs in Colorado and moved to China to teach English. They share tips and tricks specific to certain destinations as well as general responsible-travel pointers. We appreciate that many of their suggestions are thoughtful, easy and account for budget-friendly travelers. Their guide covers the first steps to becoming a sustainable traveler is super helpful, especially where and how to start.


The Dharma Trails – Eco Travel & Low Waste Living

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Plastic Free July. Is it doable? . Yes, of course. Is it easy? No, it takes planning and effort. . For ten years @plasticfreejuly has encouraged and inspired millions of people around the world to change their plastic ways. . Small choices make big differences. Like bringing you’re own mesh bags for loose items in the fruit & veg section. . But our biggest & best suggestion is always connection to the environment. Go to the beach, park, river, lake and pick up some trash (even if it’s not yours). This is where the reality kicks in. It’s not just a straw, it’s a vessel that can travel miles and miles and cause serious damage. You’ll never look at plastic items the same. 🌿 Ecothought of the day: there’s so many ways to #SayNoToPlastic in 2020. Check the link in our bio for easy tips to reduce the plastic in your life this month (and ongoing). #beachclean #isthisyours #trashart #plasticfreejuly #plasticpollution

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Vivien and Aaron have taught us a lot about ocean conservation when visiting any coastal destination. Aaron is a coastal engineer who is educated in coastal protection reefs. We especially love their guides that provide suggestions on sustainable places to stay – which sometimes prove difficult to find. Their fun, easy-to-do sustainable travel inspires us to practice sustainability in our travel as well!


Bamboo and Backpacks – Eco Travel

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🇬🇧 “The problem isn’t plastic; the problem is us and how we use plastic. The world has to change. I don’t believe there can be a plastic free world, but a world without single-use plastic can come about. We need people to be aware and start changing their attitude.” ~ Dave Shanks CEO @watertogo — What’s your attitude towards plastic? Join the conversation 👇 • 🇦🇷 “El mundo tiene que cambiar. No creo que pueda haber un mundo sin plástico, pero puede surgir un mundo sin plástico de un solo uso. Necesitamos que las personas sean conscientes y comiencen a cambiar su actitud.” ~ Dave Shanks CEO @watertogo — ¿Cuál es tu actitud hacia el plástico? Únete a la conversación 👇

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Argentinians Linda and Caleb teach readers about handy travel products that help practice sustainability, and create comprehensive guides for responsible travel. If you’re visiting South America, they have plenty of helpful resources including complete itineraries. And it doesn’t hurt that their photos from the Argentinian mountains are a beautiful addition to our newsfeed. 


Terra Drift – Sustainable Travel & Adventure

Josh and Alisha are Austin locals like us, so some of their tips and guides related to domestic travel are extra helpful. Their blog posts range from how to salvage damaged camping gear to how much to tip in popular foreign destinations. We especially love their outdoorsy tips and tricks for camping and hiking closer to home.


Green Suitcase Travel – Travel & Sustainability

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Ya’ll I totally missed #Worldenvironmentalday. Eeeek. Sorry. ⁣ ⁣ Let me just say this, as white content creators and educators we can’t move forward on or think about the environment without addressing systemic racism and its role in environmentalism. I’ll admit, I haven’t been the best about highlighting this as much as I could, and I’m committed to doing so moving forward and promoting intersectional environmentalism.⁣ ⁣ Racism permeates every aspect of society from housing and education, our parks and recreation areas, criminal justice to, of course, the environment. ⁣ ⁣ “Textbook case of #environmentalracism: In 46 States, People Of Color Deal With More Air Pollution Than White People Do.” ⁣ — Robert D. Bullard (the father of environmentalism)⁣ ⁣ Want more examples? ⁣ ⁣ ⁃Flint’s water crisis- perhaps one of the most egregious examples⁣ ⁃Standing rock and the keystone pipeline⁣ ⁃Paper mills have polluted Africatown, Alabama. ⁣ ⁃Warren – a small, predominantly African American town known  for the toxic PCB waste facility⁣ ⁃Hurricane Katrina and the lower 9th ward- Katrina was not an equal opportunity storm. A black homeowner in New Orleans was more than three times as likely to have been flooded as a white homeowner. ⁣ ⁣ “An Associated Press analysis suggests 2 million people live within a mile of one of the 327 Superfund sites vulnerable to climate change-related flooding, most of them in low-income communities and communities of color.” ⁣ ⁣ Bottom line, it’s time to talk about policies that protect people and not just the planet. We have to look at the disparate impact of environmental policies and how they disproportionately impact  peoples on the basis of race, both domestically and internationally.

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Misty provides tips on the best activities and attractions for responsible travelers as well as those to avoid. She shares important information and news about how travel affects the environment on a global scale, which is always changing. One of the biggest reasons we’re fans is Misty’s dedication to sharing educational resources about environmental racism and promoting intersectional environmentalism.


natnzin – Sri Lanka, Nathan and Zinara

If you are traveling to Asia, get your sustainable travel tips from those who know the area best. Native Sri Lankans, Nathan and Zinara, are our go-to resource to learn about responsible travel in Sri Lanka. Plus, India and wherever else their adventures take them!


We The Wildflowers – Slow Travel & Sustainable Living

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🙏Finding Zen in your den🙏⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠Being a digital nomad has its ups and downs. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ It can mean having to work any number of hours throughout the day, taking client calls from the comfort of your bed (or naked😂), but it can also afford the flexibility with how, where, and when you can spend time to nourish yourself and care for your own well-being.⁠ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ During a trip a few months back we found ourselves cozied-up in a beautiful A-frame cabin, not far from Mt. Baker. Here we did (a little) some work but also made sure to make time for play, hiking, and exploration. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ #Yoga and #meditation have been a fundamental resource during our travels, and it's what led Ron to deepen his #sadhana (a means of accomplishing something or spiritual practice) by becoming a yoga teacher. Being consistent and adventurous with one's inner practice is essential for mental, emotional, and spiritual growth. Fostering a deeper connecting with yourself and everything around you can shed new light in your life, in your travels, and can help you to see things as they truly are; without judgments, expectations, or conclusions. ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ How do you find space for your inner growth while traveling? What are some methods you use to care for your wellbeing?⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ @blackmentraveltoo @menatyoga @manduka @mens_yoga⁠⠀ . ⁠⠀ . ⁠⠀ . ⁠⠀ .⁠⠀ #travel #travelblogger #wanderlust #nomadness #mindfulness #consciouscommunity #traveladdict #exploremore #men #spirituality #passionpassport #letsgosomewhere #vegan #weworktotravel #mytravelcrush #travelnoire #welltravelled #nature #siberianhusky #husky #naturelover #portrait #welivetoexplore #yogi #menatyoga #yogainspiration #love

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It’s easy to rely on Starbucks and indulge in meals you wouldn’t usually eat when traveling. Ron and Ariel have taught us that you can find vegan options anywhere in the world. Their beautiful photographic storytelling through Instagram is compelling and inspires us to explore destinations responsibly.


It might be awhile before we get to take our next trip, but we can plan anytime. Fortunately, we’re armed with the resources and information to be smart travelers and practice sustainability at any destination near or far. We believe being a responsible and respectful guest in foreign places is imperative. As we continue to seek out new cultures, perspectives and experiences through travel, we need to adjust to a more sustainable mind-set. It is our duty to ensure these amazing experiences remain just that for generations to come!