Key Qualities to Look for When Choosing Influencer Partners

In today’s world of public relations, influencer marketing has become a vital tool for brands looking to expand their reach and establish credibility with consumers. Brands know influencers, but more importantly, they need influencers. We’ve seen firsthand how influential creators can affect their audience, from purchasing decisions to behaviors and travel destinations, also known as the so-called “Alix Earle Effect.” While the benefits of influencer marketing are undeniable, let’s dive into some of the cautions to keep in mind when selecting an influencer for your brand.

At Breakaway Public Relations, we typically use influencers to sell experiences or services for our clients, rather than products. For example, we coordinate local travel influencer trips to Georgetown, TX (just north of Austin). This approach is much more time-consuming than merely sending an influencer a product in the mail and paying him or her to post about it. Our process takes several months of careful planning and coordination to ensure that the experience in Georgetown is mutually beneficial for both the influencer and our client.

When selecting the right influencer for our campaigns, we look for several key qualities, including:

  1. Responsive and attentive to detail: Due to scheduling, lodging arrangements, agenda coordination, etc., it’s essential that our influencer is attentive and professional. This will make everyone’s life easier!
  2. Well-informed and excited: We want the influencer to be prepared for the trip and well-informed on what Georgetown is all about – before arriving. That being said, we expect they are excited to visit and want to be there.
  3. Reaches client’s target market(s): This quality is crucial for all types of influencer marketing, particularly in travel and tourism. We hope that the influencer’s experience in Georgetown will resonate with their audience and inspire others to make the trip.

In addition to these qualities, a detailed agreement outlining what is expected from each party, including deliverables, payment terms, timeline, etc, is essential for campaign success.

In conclusion, as a PR agency, it’s crucial to carefully vet potential influencers and ensure they align with the client’s values and marketing goals. While influencer marketing can be a powerful tool to build credibility and reach target audiences, it’s important to approach it with caution and be aware of the potential risks involved.