In today’s job market, internship opportunities are far and wide. Whether for educational credit, entry-level experience, or a stepping stone into a higher position, there are many reasons that an internship is a valuable part of one’s resume.

Interning with a public relations firm (or any company) offers a front-row view to what a career in the field would look like. Plus, internships are essential to a student’s academic and professional development. An increasingly competitive job market has created entry-level jobs that require a certain degree of skills and experience straight out of college. Internships help to garner that experience in a quick and efficient manner, as well as providing credit for required college courses. From a business perspective, interns provide valuable support in a range of departments, as well as bringing new ideas and fostering a learning environment for all team members.

At Breakaway, interns are an important part of our weekly workflow. They help out anywhere from creating graphics and managing social media to organizing media contacts and press materials. Fortunately, our past few interns have opted to stay on for multiple semesters, allowing them to move from lower-level maintenance and learning to high-level pitching, writing, media interactions and more. Every day, our interns work directly with account executives to manage client and internal needs.

Our interns enjoy flexible hours with both work-from-home and in-office time. Even better–we work from a dog-friendly co-work space! As a small team, our interns are heavily involved in integral operations, attend weekly staff meetings and are encouraged to bring new ideas to the table. Interested in learning more about a Breakaway internship? Check out Confessions of an Intern, penned by a former intern who went on to work at a big-time PR firm!

If you are interested in applying for our Spring 2022 internship, check out the criteria and fill out our application here.