Threads: First Impressions and Implementation Tips for PR Pros

Instagram’s Newest Feature, Threads: First Impressions and Implementation Tips for PR Pros

If you thought social media was hard to keep up with before – well, buckle up. Enter Threads – the newest addition to the Instagram family.

So, what exactly is Threads?

Threads is an innovative feature introduced by Meta (owner of Facebook and Instagram), designed to enhance real-time sharing and communication with friends and family. It is a standalone app that serves as a companion to Instagram, allowing users to post photos, videos, or text. The difference, is how the platform encourages conversation in the replies.

Threads has been massively successful when it comes to signing up new users – Forbes reported 100 million user sign-ups in just 5 days, but whether it’s retaining those users is up for debate.

If Threads is here to stay, what does it mean for PR Pros? Here are our key takeaways: 

1. Threads Feels Familiar to Twitter

If you’re familiar with Twitter, you should have no problem adapting. The concept of “Threads” became popular on Twitter, and Meta clearly saw an opportunity to compete with Twitter for market dominance. This strategy aligns with Instagram’s history of integrating successful features from other social media platforms, such as ‘Reels’ from TikTok and ‘Stories’ from Snapchat. For users already equipped with the Big 4 of social media, Threads seamlessly integrates aspects from all four platforms, making it easily adoptable and allowing for widespread market penetration. 

2. Instagram Integration is Key

With over 1.6 billion users and counting, Instagram has established itself as a dominant player in the social media realm. Although Thread’s growth has slowed, it maintains a substantial user base and has already achieved one-fifth of Twitter’s weekly active user count worldwide. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg noted the exceptional early growth, but more importantly, the future focus on retention. With powerhouse CEO’s and a billion dollar budget behind them, Threads has the potential to be a key player in the digital world.

3. PR Professionals Can (And Should) Utilize 

As for PR pros, this means one thing; adaptation is key! It’s crucial to keep pace with emerging social platforms and follow where your audience AND where influencers are active. Threads presents a new opportunity, but to fully leverage it, PR Pros must take proactive steps.

How to Maximize Thread’s Potential: 

  • Generate Buzz: Create anticipation and excitement for client events, announce new product, leadership changes, company milestones, etc. We are curious to see how these types of posts perform on Threads in comparison to Instagram and Twitter.
  • Monitor Conversations: Threads is yet another way to determine what people are saying about your client or its industry. Much like Reddit or Twitter, but with greater ability to gain deeper insights into specific user demographics and preferences. Utilize this data to expand and improve your client’s offerings.
  • Offer a more personalized experience: Threads is designed for sharing moments, thoughts, and updates with a small group of people. This can help PR pros create a more personal connection with their audience and build rapport with media contacts and clientele. 
  • Utilize Threads’ unique features: Share your Threads post to your IG account as a Story or on your Feed, ask followers to turn on notifications for your Thread posts, limit replies to your Threads post via the “Anyone can reply” dropdown tool, etc. Follow @Threadsapp on IG for more cool tools and regular updates. 


Threads is a promising social media channel with great potential for PR and media professionals. By leveraging its exclusive content-sharing features, PR pros can effectively reach their target audience and their client’s goals. As always – adaptability is the key to success. While social platforms may come and go, PR pro’s must always stay on our toes!