Instagram changes daily and with that comes new techniques. Each feed tells a different story and every post allows you to be a creative director and content creator in your own right. A “successful” Instagram account isn’t always characterized by how many followers you have. It’s more about the authenticity of your voice and audience. Based on a variety of measures, your account becomes a representation of your branding, interests and a platform to share your key messages.


A plethora of photo-related apps can make choosing the right one slightly overwhelming, but there are a few that stand out above the rest. ColorStory offers advanced pre-set filters designed by different artists for every aesthetic! From cool-toned collections to colorful creations, each filter has different qualities for just about every style. It truly takes your content to the next level and saves you from having to become a professional photographer overnight. There are a handful of free options within the app, but most collections range from $2.99 – $3.99 and are worth every cent!

Facetune is probably the most popular choice when thinking about editing portraits and group photos, but little do most people know, it can also be used for everyday objects. Not only are you able to create a whiter, brighter smile and perfect complexion, but you can also bring out the details in a photo. This is especially helpful for flatlays. Make the text in a photo or the texture of an object pop with the swipe of a finger.


What’s the story you are trying to tell? Styling your posts is arguably the most important aspect of your feed, and as your account continues to grow, in both followers and content, you’ll see that your theme (and story) will quickly be determined. Each post is another piece of the puzzle. Put the pieces together and you’ll find you’ve created a comprehensive work of art!  Train your eyes to capture moments of everyday life. These will add personalized touches and unique ways of creating content. Natural lighting is always the best, but you’ll find what time of day works best for you depending on where you happen to be in that moment. Whether it’s a bright summer occasion or crisp fall outing, take advantage of your environment and work the angles to create the perfect shot.


Whether you love them or cringe at the sight of them, hashtags can help further target and clarify your audience, when used correctly. Be specific by using hashtags that directly fit your brand’s messaging and theme. Yet, don’t get carried away by making the hashtag portion of the post longer than the caption itself. Keep hashtags to 10 or less! Short and sweet is always nice, capitalizing when needed to make it both easier to read and more discoverable.


Planoly is a helpful tool for both timing and efficiency. A visual planner for your feed that helps schedule your posts in advance while previewing the overall layout. The general goal is to post daily and Planoly makes it that much easier and far more attainable! You can choose your timing, day and hashtags and upload content in advance, moving the images around as they’d appear on your actual feed. The auto-post feature is especially necessary for busy weeks ahead!

Shake things up and get inspired! Don’t be afraid to change your style and perspective if it means a new boost in confidence and creativity. Happy planning! ☀️